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[You Don’t Deserve My Love but Still I’m Too Stupid]

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“You’re a cruel person, you made me fall in love with your words but you broke my heart with your actions.

That’s the thing with people like you, you don’t understand the concept of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. You just know what I want to hear and tell me it, without actually realising what you’re saying and how it makes me feel, especially when your actions show that you don’t mean a word of it.

I know I’m stupid for giving you endless chances but I just don’t think a part of me wants to let you go, not yet. I think a part of me is hopelessly waiting for you to finally mean it when you tell me you feel the same way about me as I do about you and I’m worried that I’ll always be like that when it comes to you, helplessly dreaming for the day when you wake up and realise that I’m the one you want to be with.”

—you don’t deserve my love but I hope you know you have it anyway.

9 Komentar

  1. It’s time to get more serious and left behind all the play around. Move forward! Someone who worth your love waiting for you

    1. rosianacamilla_ menulis:

      Telling my heart to get up and move doesn’t that easy hahaha. It wants what it wants min

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  4. fitriartemisia menulis:

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  5. farahzamani5 menulis:

    Kdng move on tuh susah bngt, tp itu semua tergantung orang yg ingin move on nya
    Semangat trs yak
    Di depanmu ada kebahagiaan menunggu mu

  6. Someone not said action speak louder than words for nothing, cause it truth…

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