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Rain drop


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You kissed her on the cheek


Tears falling from the sky

They started crying right after my heart just broke


Yeah, I’m a broken-hearted-girl who loved someone that I can’t reach

Not that he is far away from me because the fact that you and I still living in the same city

Not like we are in different world because the fact that our social world are just alike

Not just he simply reject my love for him because the fact that I never speak it out loud to you


I lose even before competing

What can I do when he has already had girlfriend?

Someone that is so special for him

Special enough to make him broke his princip to not taken after all this time

His princip to hate every girl that likes him


Sadly, I’m not that special to him

Or maybe I can be special

If only I had a little courage and be brave

If only I’m not scared to broke a bond that we’ve made. Scratch that

If only I’m not scared to broke a bond that I’ve made to yourself


I’m not a girl who has a dazzling smile

Not a girl who has cheerful voice

Not a girl who has bright eyes

That can melt the ice inside you

That can ruin a wall that you have set up for everything called-so-love


I drowned in my own insecurity


That’s one of a million reason



I just can loving you from the side

A blind side that you nor see either glance at it


I want to have you and keep you all for myself


I know I’m selfish

I won’t say I will give you to her because loving doesn’t always having each other

It’s bullshit you know?

All quotes that said “I’m happy as long as you’re happy even it’s not with me”


Every people always want to be loved with someone they love

Love is a mutual feelings for each other


And yet, why I don’t give up with the feelings I have for you?

I know that in this condition, loving you means hurting myself with invisible blade

You know why? Because I always think that maybe someday we could be a lover

Maybe we could hold hands to each other

Maybe we could walk on the street and laughing hard because of our jokes

Maybe,maybe, and a thousand more maybe that flashed in my mind


That all makes my heart doesn’t moved from you

And after all of this, I’m started thinking that maybe this heart is yours to break


But no


I don’t want to suffer anymore

Maybe I can give a chance to those that I keep push away from me

Maybe I should let them heal my broken heart

Fix it, and give it to someone that could keep it from bleeding again


With your kiss with her

I say my goodbye to you

To my love that you take even you’re not realizing it

I say my goodbye through the rain


And this really is my last goodbye from me to you

18 Komentar

  1. Semangat trs yak
    Mga segera dipertemukan dngn seorang yg terbaik untukmu

    1. Dan semoga ini hanya coret2an aja bukan true story kmu, tp klo ini true story kmu ya sesuai komen aq diatas, ttp semangat
      Oia lope-lope ny ga bsa diklik, cba diulang lagi nulis [ratings] ny kli ada kesalahan tulis
      Yuks dicba

  2. Terimakasih sudah diberitahu kakak:)) sudah saya coba edit lagi [ratings] nya

    1. Siapp
      Sma2 ya hihi

    2. Okeey, sama-sama yaa

  3. Kayak lagu :ragunih

    1. Emang ini lagu yak???

    2. Nope ini bukan lagu??? mungkin karena terinspirasi dari musik yang kudengerin waktu itu mungkin ya…

  4. aishelatsilla menulis:


  5. aduh jadi nyesel kalau ada pelajaran Bahasa Inggris sering ngobrol,,
    jadi harus nerjemahin dulu deh,,

  6. Paham dikit2 .. beginilah kalo payah dalam bahasa inggris :ASAHPISAU2
    Nice :MAWARR

  7. Puisinya bagus n nge-feel banget artinya :tepuk2tangan
    Meskipun sedih utk melepaskannya tpi kita harus agar kehidupan selanjutnya dpt berjalan n tdk dibayang”i :LOONCAT

  8. Semangat terus

  9. Semangattt

  10. gracegracia menulis:

    Kebayang kok kak sesaknya gimana? when you love someone who doesn’t love you back. And when he has his lovely ex-lover who nice and beautiful than me. I really hope if someday he looks at me. But I know if it’ll never happen. because he loves her so much.

  11. fitriartemisia menulis:

    dududuh, curahan hati ya ini? :PATAHHATI

  12. Kamus mana kamus :LARIDEMIHIDUP

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