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The flame


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Guess the flame had long died

No more sparks tickling in her chest

No more butterfly flying in her stomach

No more twinkle gaze in her eyes


Guess her heart just frozen

No more love

No more pain

Just emptiness and she felt numb


Numb to his smile

Numb to his warmness

Numb to his voice

Numb to everything


Guess her love has taken its toll on her

The pain she suffered

The heartbreaks that she experienced

Now she just feels really tired


She wants to cast away every emotion in her face just a moment

She wants to burn her feelings to ashes

“Numb this heartbreak” she plea to nothing but a thin air

“Stop this tear that rolls in my face” she sobbed


After crying and pleading until it feels suffocating

Then it comes

The emptiness soon began filling her heart

Numbed everything that left after those many heartbreaks


Then the twinkles in her eyes died

Now it looks like a cold empty shell

Her flame died

Her smile withered


And just like that she resume her life again

Until another love come

Then another heartbreak


Just like that she continued living her life

10 Komentar

  1. AriyaYumyum menulis:

    Kagak ngerti :ragunih

  2. Ini lagu apa puisi ?

  3. farahzamani5 menulis:

    Ini artinya ada disebelah mana ya hihi

  4. KhairaAlfia menulis:

    gagal paham,,

  5. move on

  6. Duh ngk ngerti artinya

  7. Gagal paham

  8. fitriartemisia menulis:

    ini ceweknya habis patah hati gitu ya? #eh

  9. Lagu bukan ini?

  10. Sri Yulianti Ardiningtyas menulis: