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That girl who smiles


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She smiled
She looks so dazzling
She’s just like a sun ray filling the dark room
So warm and soothing

Her orbs shine
With a caramel like eyes
So sweet
So enchanting
I’m trapped inside her eyes

She touched something that once locked
It used to be abandoned
It used to be empty
It used to be—cold

Now it’s filled with flowers
Roses, peonies, lilies, daisies
It’s so different then what it used to be

Do you know?
She used to be so depressed
Why? No reason.
Maybe she is just too tired with this world
She nearly ended this boring game

But what?
She stayed
She held on
She is strong
She BELIEVED she is strong

Strong enough to hang on everyday
Strong enough to help herself
Strong enough to get through all of this

What is life anyway?
That question troubled her old self
She keep seeking for the answer
Why she live? For what purpose?
No one gives a satisfying answer
After all, she is the one
Who should find it

And yet the answer is so simple
You just live
Finding what is happiness
What truly makes her happy
The one who knows it is just her
Not anyone but solely herself

When life failed you
Keep strong
Don’t give up
Hang on
This game will surely ended someday
But don’t end it by yourself

Life can be shitty but that is life
You had ups and downs
Maybe you feel you are always in your downs
Look back. Be grateful for those days that you can smile
Believe that one day you can smile again

And someday you can be happy
For sure
Why? Just believe

Untuk seseorang disana

Depression sucks but you can get through it

Disini saya mengklasifikasikannya sebagai ‘she’ tapi ini untuk semua orang diluar sana yang tau depresi itu seperti apa. Boys/girls, you can get through this.

*sends hug for anyone who need it*

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