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Buy me a cup of cold chocolate


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Buy me a cup of cold chocolate and we can sit anywhere quiet, to talk about life. If you’re a good listener, I’ll tell you my deepest secret, my fav part of a book, my sorrow. Or the way around. We don’t have to talk about meaningless shit. We could talk softly, deeply, about world, about anything that bothers you, about your darkest side. Or we can sit and write. Mine will be about soul, tears and angel. And yours will be about me, and the day when you buy me a cold chocolate and sit :)

2 Komentar

  1. I don’t have money for buy you a cold chocolate, but we can sit in other place while enjoyed something around us.
    I wanna tell you my secret when you join with me…. :))

    1. Maybe someday we can sit together to talk about ourselves while enjoying something cold even not a cold chocolate :D And when the time comes, I’ll be your good listener and join you to hear your secret also mine :)