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Differences Between British and American English (Learn More About English)


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There are some differences between british and american english. Honestly, I prefer american than british because I’m usually using it when I talk to my friend, she’s a fan of someone I like. And she’s from overseas. Besides, british is more complex I think, but I love the way they talk. Which do you prefer? British or American?. And I’m sorry if those pictures are blurr because I croped it. If I post it all at once in one picture it would so small I’m sure y’all cant read it.



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  1. Lol I guess all these days, I mixed both British and American English when I talked to others. I don’t know much about the difference until I saw your post :LARIDEMIHIDUP :LARIDEMIHIDUP :LARIDEMIHIDUP
    Thank you for posting this :YUHUIII :MAWARR

    1. And to answering your question, I prefer British if it’s all about speaking, when someone talking in British tone, its sound hear-able and sexier lol. :KETAWAJAHADD
      But for words, I prefer whichever that comes first in my mind :BAAAAAA

    2. rosianacamilla_ menulis:

      Your welcome?

  2. Cellacecilliya menulis:

    I think some of us will prefer American English. Why? Because it’s what we learn in school. So we are familiar with it. But if we talk about accent I really love British Accent. It’s sexy i think. Hahaha

  3. Nice post. Just realized i mixed both American and British all this time. Once one of my lecturers speak British accent, and it sounds really cool but when i tried to it’s 100% failure.

  4. i use american english more than british…. :BAAAAAA

  5. fitriartemisia menulis:

    agree with @cellacecilliya :BAAAAAA :BAAAAAA
    we’re familiar with American English but the British accent is the sexiest in the world! haha