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I can’t sing, but everytime
I sang a song,
out loud,
it was an escape to not scream
about how much
I hate myself when
I see my reflection in the mirror.

I can’t write, but everytime I wrote
something on the paper,
it was an escape, to not say and rant,
to people of how much it hurts me
to be me.

I can’t draw, but everytime I drew
something on the paper, it was an
escape, to not draw a line on my
skin, with a razor blade.

I can’t stay alive, but everytime I act
like I am, it was an escape, to not to
die as a loser.

—Your Pluto,
And finally, everything is an escape, to me.

8 Komentar


  2. The world cant bring me happiness anymore , and if I die its means I take happiness from anothers eye (who love me in their deep hearts at the deep of nights).

  3. farahzamani5 menulis:

    Ni artinya sebelah mana yak hihi
    Intinya mungkin hadapi aja segala hal yg ada di hidup ini toh klo menghindar tu bukan nyelesaiin masalah kan
    Semangat trs yak

  4. If everything is an escape, you will always be chased, and you will always be on edge. So it’d be better if you could face the truth >_<

  5. Aku ga ngerti??

    1. ???

    2. rosianacamilla_ menulis:

      Iya gpp klo ga ngerti ga saya omelin ko☺️?

  6. fitriartemisia menulis:

    hmmm, melarikan diri gak akan menyelesaikan masalah, hadapi xoxo semangat !!