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Should’ve known


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Should’ve known that The ending would be like this. You’re gone. And I’m standing right here hopelessly.

I should’ve known that if i told you about this, you’d be gone. I should’ve known you would never be mine. but is that wrong if I keep hoping?

Whether is right or wrong, hurt me or give so much happiness. I just want have something I fight for. And it’s you


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  1. Emmm cuma 1 kata buat ini
    Ngerasain ‘sakitny’ aduhhhh jleb jleb jleb

  2. Dalpahandayani menulis:



  4. Let it go,
    you can do it to face the truth
    as long your friends by your side you never be alone,
    you have to Fight for it:)

    1. Yes, that’s right

  5. :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar

  6. nyes banget ya rasanya kayaknya,,

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    :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar :bebekberkibar


  11. Tidak ada salahnya berharap, tp kalau harapan kita terlalu jauh dari yg akhirnya terjadi rasanya itu :PATAHHATI :PATAHHATI :PATAHHATI

    1. Semangat ya, di dunia ini ada byk org kok, tidak hanya dia seorang :superhero

  12. syj_maomao menulis:

    Someone ever said that, fight for someone that fight for you too~
    But if you believe that he’s the one for you, then fight for him…

  13. Sebetulnya nggak ngerti, tapi ya semangat !