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You were there, wearing skinny jeans and navy sweater I’ve ever given you when your sweet 17th birthday. Your smile is never change. Always sweet and warm. You used to give it to me, evertime we met. But now, it’s for him, and only him. But, that’s okay, everything has changed.

And then our eyes met, that gaze suddenly changed. Not as warm as used to. So cold, I couldn’t see any emotion in your eyes. And I said again, that’s okay, everything has changed.

As your face turn around to another spot, you didn’t want to see my face. I always know how to melt you. In a simple way. Cause I’ve been there, done that. You’re afraid of falling again. You’re afraid of getting hurt. Cause I know your heart is always be mine. But, you denied it with all the power you have. Cause, you know all I can do is break it.

Honey, if you knew the reason why I hurt you, you wouldn’t do that. If you knew that everything what had happened, it hurts me more. If you knew how hard I have to hold my desire to hug you and kiss you now, you wouldn’t do that to me. I need to do it, hurt you, I had to.

It doesn’t mean that I’m not loving you. I still, and always. But, there’s something more important than anything, than my feelings. That something is friendship, I know my bestfriend loves you too.

So I do it, being a jerk in front of you. Hurt you. So you can hate me and forget me. I know what I’ve done hurt both of us, but I dont wanna be a hypocrite. He trust me, and I’m not that cruel to hurt him and being so selfish and broke our friendship.

I’m sorry, I hope you always be happy. Although, I know your happiness is being with me. For now. But I believe, someday you’ll be happy with him.


– Loving someone needs a sacrifice.


okay, this is boys point of view. Kurang dpt feel nya kyanya ya wkwk.  I just imagined it, to be a boy. Karna saya bosan kalo nulis girls point of view terus. Tapi yasyudahlah ☺️?

3 Komentar

  1. syj_maomao menulis:

    Huhuhu…..sometimes, like someone ever said, you let her go doesn’t mean you want to, but you have to. Don’t know which is hurt the most, but it’d be better if you try it at the first place.

    I like your words sist, fighting~~ :YUHUIII

    1. rosianacamilla_ menulis:

      Thank you?

  2. farahzamani5 menulis:

    Jleb ini, aihhh gmn ya klo diposisi bgtu tuh jdi bingung sndri dah, mencintai tak berarti memiliki tp liat dia bahagia sma orang ya ttp aja bikin hati perih eaaa