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[Why Do I Still]

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“why do I still go stand on
 my balcony staring up at stars hoping that you are thinking what I am thinking?

why do I still wake up from my sleep when I hear a notification from my phone hoping that you sent me a message?

why do I still read those notes you passed to me in school hoping that you would be reading the notes I passed to you?

why do I still smell your cologne when I think of you?

why do I still feel the warmth of your skin when I think about the night we stayed up talking?

why do I still remember the small things you like… like spearmint gum, Kenny Rogers songs, the way you smile when you think of something dirty, everything about you?

why do I still… love you? when all you did was pretend to love me?”

7 Komentar

  1. Wah butuh kamu terjemahan ini mah. Btw nyari dulu

    1. Kamuusss *typooo :LARIDEMIHIDUP

    Udh lupain aja, dari yg lainnnya :LARIDEMIHIDUP

  3. fitriartemisia menulis:

    why do i still love you?.. :PEDIHH

  4. aduh, nyesek banget :PEDIHH

  5. farahzamani5 menulis:

    Cinta itu aneh ya, jelas2 bikin sakit tp ttp cinta, kita ga tau cinta dtng kpn dan dri siapa huhu
    Semangat trs yak

  6. That was called love. Everything what you did, he’s still the one you remembered.